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My Guide to Valencia

My Guide to Valencia

Hey guys! Today it’s a significant day for me cause I’m writing my first blog post !!! I hope you guys will enjoy my blog !

I’ve decided to share with you my Valencian journey. If you didn’t know, Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. It might not be on the top of your go-to list, but you really shouldn’t dismiss it for a holiday break. So, 3 weeks ago I came back in Moldova from my trip. If you didn’t know, it’s my second trip to Spain. I returned with amazing moments from there 🙂 .  After a Fly One flight into Lisbon, we made our way to our final destination- Valencia. My family and I stayed 5 days at an apartment, called “Sunny Apartments”(here) in the heart of Valencia.

From the first day, I was fascinated by its architectural buildings, its beautiful streets, its breathtaking views…






On our second day we visited the Bioparc of Valencia where we enjoyed and discovered the wild world.

Our third day was really amazing cause we went to the City of Arts and Sciences, a cultural and architectural complex. In the tunnel-shaped aquarium of the Oceanografic, I saw the sharks and stingrays over my head, but dolphins’ show relaxed me a lot.

Afterwards, I went by rail to Alicante where I had a 3 week rest.