Sephora Gray Clay Mask

Sephora Gray Clay Mask

   Hey sweeties! Back with a new beauty blog post!

   While shopping at Sephora shop, I discovered a lot of clay masks from the new collection. The gray one caught my attention. So, I’ve tried it and I’m really obsessed with it.

   I really like this clay mask especially because of its packaging! I love the refreshing feeling after you wash it off and the price is definitely good because you honestly get more than just four uses out of this product.

   It feels so nice and soft on my skin and is easy to take off.

   After using this mask, my skin looks clearer, brighter and feels super cool.

   It’s super affordable and effective.

   Briefly, it was worth it!

                                                   Definitely going out and buying more when this one is empty.

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                                                                                 You can check it out here