Goji Lip Balm by Sephora

Goji Lip Balm by Sephora

       Howdy, everybody!

       Today’s post is focused on a new Sephora lip balm.

       As it’s wintertime, days are cold and frosty, our lips need to be moisturized. I recommend you Goji Lip Balm. It adds a natural pink color to the lips.

I’m obsessed with this product. It feels great on my lips. It nourishes and protects my lips. Its packaging is beautiful and the scent is amazing!

This balm is formulated WITHOUT: parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

If goji is your favorite flavor, this item is definitely for you.

Explore the Sephora Collection of lip balms, which one is your favorite?

Mine is Goji Lip Balm, and yours?


Check it out here or below!