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Xmas Spirit in my Hometown

Xmas Spirit in my Hometown

    Hey guys! It is that time of the year when the festive season kicks in before the end of another year.

    It’s just a day before Xmas!

    So, I’m so excited cause it’s the perfect time to be surrounded by our loved ones. Xmas Eve is also the day when gifts are exchanged between people.


    I decided to show you the Xmas spirit in my hometown! This week-end I went to the biggest Christmas fair, here in Chisinau. The fair is surrounded by buildings that are covered with grandiose lights projections.

    With carols live singing, the fair makes everyone feel the magic and warmth of the winter holidays.

    The festive decorations brought everyone holiday cheer.

    The lovely Christmas tree offers the street an unforgettable atmosphere. I took nice pictures enjoying the delightful Xmas fair!

    I’m interested in your Xmas celebrations.

Write and tag some pictures on #Xmasfestivespirit on Instagram.

    Merry Xmas!