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The Friday Series Vol. 6

The Friday Series Vol. 6

     Hey guys! Happy Friday! I’m so excited by the amazing holidays’ atmosphere! I can’t wait to celebrate New Year, guys! Oh, and talking about New Year, I want to remark that today’s series are the last in this year, 2017! That’s why, I’ve prepared beautiful surprises for you! So…let’s get started!

One // Nordstrom Sales
I’m in love with this Leather Card Case with Robot Key Chain from Ted Baker! The rose gold robot looks so pretty!!! Plus it’s 33% off! Next – this Vice Liquid Lipstick from Urban Decay is so cool! The choice of colors for this lipstick is so various! My third go-to beauty product is this Pure Grace Set from Philosophy! What a beautiful gift, nah?

Two // J. Crew Sales
I’m so addicted to J. Crew and now it surprises with an amazing sale so don’t hesitate and take a look at the following preferences! I LOVE this Tulle Ball Skirt – there are only two small sizes!!! This Tall Off-the-shoulder Striped Top with Bow is so beautiful! And the last – these Matte Chelsea Rain Boots are totally on my wishlist!

Three // 10 Minute Photo Challenge Distracts Holiday Shoppers at Macy’s
Did you see Jordan Matter’s 10 minute photo challenge videos? If not, then you must watch them! So captivating, especially this one! So many awesome dance shots!

Four // What I Got For Christmas 2017!! // AlishaMarie, Niki and Gabi, Kelsey Simone and Summer Mckeen
I love watching videos of this type because opening presents is fun! That’s why I selected my favs so… let’s start! Alisha Marie’s videos are always very interesting like this one! I think I love the most the pink wallet which she received. Such a pretty gift! Then, Niki and Gabi have received beautiful gifts as well as Summer Mckeen! And finally Kelsey’s video which is a luxury edition, but again so cool!

Ok, so Courtney Randall copied Selena Gomez’s instagram pictures for a week, and tried to recreate the photos that Selena Gomez has on her Instagram page. She did that so well! The last photo is absolutely gorgeous! Love that photo!

Six // 45 Beauty Secrets in 5 Minutes—Here’s Everything We Learned in 2017 | Vogue
I’m addicted to Vogue’s videos. In this video, many top models and celebrities revealed their most sacred hair, makeup, and skin rituals for Vogue in 2017. I discovered some great beauty hits like face misters, jade rollers, moisturizers, and foundations. My favorite “beauty secret” is Victoria’s Secret’s model Josephine Skriver, who scrubs her lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate and plump – nice, nah?

Hugs & Kisses!

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