A New Wardrobe Staple

A New Wardrobe Staple

    Howdy sweeties! Today I want to share with you a casual outfit.
My look is focused on an “embroidered” sweater.
Though it has only one embroidered pattern, it was namely the bird and the fringes that caught my attention for purchasing it.

I’m in love with its light grey color and its fabric is so soft!
I adore this sweater though it isn’t a famous brand one.

It was so cold and frosty outside that I decided to warm up with a cup of cappuccino.

    To my mind, this simple silver sweater is very attractive due to the bird on the left shoulder. The bird is so vivid! There are also some small decorative beads. The pink and blue beads are so sparkly and pretty!

The long and glossy fringes beneath the bird are so stylish, aren’t they?

I paired my sweater with my navy metallic jeans from Motivi.

I styled my clothing items with my burgundy boots.

I find my look cute, and you?

 If you are in love with embroidered clothes, take some pictures and post them on Instagram with the tag #embroideryclotheslovers.

Check it out below:

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