Blemish Cleanser Treatment by Kiehl’s

Blemish Cleanser Treatment by Kiehl’s

    Hey guys! Today I started my morning routine with the Blue Herbal Blemish Cleanser Treatment by Kiehl’s.

    The liquid gel has a lovely fresh minty scent.

    I applied it on my wet face, the cleanser worked into a lather. Then I massaged onto face avoiding the eyes area and rinsed well.

    This product is a new one for me.

    Using this blue herbal blemish cleanser treatment, I hope it will be effective.

    Teenage acne is a normal part of puberty, that’s why I’m dealing with moderate acne.

    To be sincere, I’m addicted to trying different acne cleansers.

     So, the key ingredients of this foaming cleanser are: salicylic acid, ginger root extract, frankincense.

    If you’re a fan of Kiehl’s skincare, leave a comment.

    Take care of your skin! Kisses!

    You’ll find it below!

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